School Interior Project

Cialona Interiors recently completed a School Interior project. The interior of the Care & Welfare Pavilion of Commanderij College Doregraaf in Gemert was taken care of under the contract of Van Bree Someren. Cialona has completely produced and realized the design. Within the pavilion, students who have chosen this direction receive practical and theory lessons. […]

Project KLIJFlab

We recently delivered the KLIJFlab project to the “Onderwijs Maak Je Samen” team. The lab is an experiential space where education professionals can learn about how the brain works and how insights can optimally take root in the brain. We were asked to design and realize a unique experience center for them, in which they […]

2022, it’s started!

2022 has started and beautiful projects are waiting for us again. We are really looking forward to working with the whole team again this year with great clients and to realize interior and stand construction projects for them. As always, we will keep you informed of our activities and we will first discuss three projects […]

Cialona Supports The Dog Can Do The Laundry Foundation

The “De Hond Kan De Was Doen” Foundation supports team training for humans and assistance dogs. As you can see, the new posters with Cialona and all the other proud sponsors have been made again, and are hanging in different places in our region. Certified instructors within the foundation teach people with a physical disability […]

Visiting Sinterklaas

Last Sunday we were the very last group of 2021 to visit with the kids and grandkids in the Castle of Sinterklaas, here in Helmond ?. Dancing together with all the helpers, meeting Sinterklaas and returning home with a present in hand, it was a great afternoon! After our visit, Sinterklaas Castle in Helmond is […]

Schmitz Foam Products at Foam Expo 2021

Foam Expo 2021 is in Stuttgart from 9 to 11 November. The Foam Expo is the largest trade fair for players in the technical foam industry. Our customer Schmitz Foam could not miss this, of course, and we designed and realized a new stand for them.

Plagron Stand Cannafest


Cannafest 2021 took place over the weekend of November 5 to 7, 2021 in Prague. After small additions and adjustments to the already very cool Plagron stand, we were able to build it again after a long time. Both team Plagron and team Cialona are proud and very satisfied again. As icing on the cake, […]

Stands Provada 2021

Provada 2021 was on! It was a fair in real life again, with real meetings and knowledge sharing. Team Cialona Expo was able to build a stand for three customers at Provada 2021.

Stand Nibe first of 2021

After months of not building stands, it was finally time again this week! The Nibe stand was on display at the Installatie Vakbeurs in Hardenberg from 14 to 16 September. Both our team, and the Nibe team, are very satisfied with the end result and we have got the hang of it again. On to […]

Vacancy: Stand builder

Stand builder | 38 hours | Cialona Expo At Cialona we are looking for an enthusiastic, driven stand builder, who attaches great importance to quality. You are ready for a very varied job and with your eye for detail you make the most beautiful stands. Besides the preparation in our studio, you especially like to […]

Throwback to Euroshop 2020

It is over a year ago that Euroshop 2020 took place in Messe Düsseldorf, Germany. Euroshop is worlds largest retail fair, with over 94 visitors in a week time. At the fair there are over 2300 stands presenting their newest products and services. In the year of 2023, the next Euroshop fair will take place […]

Best wishes | Closed from Dec 25 to Jan 3

Best wishes for 2021  We wish everyone a very merry Christmas, in a small and warm circle and a healthy and virus-free New Year! ? We are closed for a week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve (December 25 – January 3). We will be back on Monday January 4!

Organize a vaccination location in no time

Vaccinating society is getting closer and closer for everyone. So also setting up corona vaccination centers for vaccination against the virus. Some target groups have already been vaccinated. The majority of the population will still have their turn for an injection, which will take place at an injection location. Such an injection site can be […]

New website for all our interior projects

The impact of Covid-19 on the event world and on our organization is enormous. All planned exhibitions have been canceled due to the corona crisis and we have not realized any stands since March. As an organization we have broadened our horizons and seized opportunities. In addition to exhibition stands, we have also been making […]

City Hall Office Gennep

New office design for the City Hall Offices in Gennep We produced custom furniture for the municipality of Gennep and then placed it on location. The office now has a number of coffee corners, wardrobes, room dividers, seating furniture and planters. And there is even another coffee corner in the making!

A smart open-plan office

We work with the indoor collection of Aluvision: the modular units for companies, co-workplaces and public spaces. With this, every room can be arranged creatively and according to your own insight. Play with colors and materials for a unique matching design. We can put together and install the office solutions as desired. Naturally, we are […]

Start production of interiors for museums

Loods20 In our workshop we have started the production of various items for the interiors of the museums that will be located in Loods20 in Helmond. These are the interiors for the Edah Museum, the Barrel Organ Museum and the Accordion Museum.

Custom made furniture at Dental Practice

Dental Practice Eindhoven Cialona Expo has made custom furniture and installed it at the new Dental Practice in Eindhoven. This practice is intended for emergencies such as an acute toothache or a broken tooth. As can be seen in the photos in the portfolio, we have provided the practice with different furniture. They now have […]

Progress of interiors of the museums in Loods20

Loods20 will be the new location of the EDAH Museum and the Barrel Organ Museum in Helmond from September 2020. The photo above shows what the hall (Loods20) currently looks like. We are now busy with the preparations for the design of the two museums.

Custom-made furniture office Gennep Municipality

We are busy installing various custom furniture at the office of the Municipality of Gennep, including the room dividers that can be seen on this article’s photo. The next step is to place the coffee corners, wardrobes and many planters. Keep an eye on us for more exciting projects and please contact us if you […]

Interior Project at the Headquarters of Bertels

Team Cialona Expo is busy with this interior project at the new headquarters of Bertels in Ospel. The timelapse video gives a first glimpse of the brand new interior. Curious about the end result? Keep an eye on us to find out!  

An Experience Center on wheels

A Mobile Experience Center  An Experience Center on wheels is a way to get attention from your target group, now that trade fairs are not taking place. In this way, that product launch, open day of showroom expansion, can still be realized! With a mobile Experience Center you can go wherever you want. Roadshow Marketing   […]

A Techlab for Library Helmond-Peel

Today, the Library is much more than just lending books, they regularly offer activities for different target groups. Cialona Expo has created a TechLab for the Helmond-Peel Library, a space especially for children. In the TechLab, children can discover the latest media and technology through expeditions with different themes. Think of 3D printing and programming […]

Interior design headquarters Expivi

Expivi moved into its new head office in Eindhoven at the end of 2019, for which Cialona Expo has provided the interior. The organization was growing, and it was time for not only a larger office, but also an interior that fits the scale-up. What’s new? The new interior is equipped with a large number […]

Cialona Expo article in the corona newspaper

Tjeerd van de Kimmenade, Cialona Expo: “Where will we be in two years? Where we should be!” “Of course there will always be trade fairs where people meet. But due to the influence of Corona in particular, we also see that some of our customers want to develop their own “experience center”. Why only offer […]

Cialona Expo is placing anti corona screens at the offices of VB&T Group

People are slowly going back to work in their offices, which requires the necessary measures. Cialona Expo has realized screens in the public areas of the VB&T Group offices in Eindhoven to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The public areas are the reception and several meeting rooms. This way employees can safely go […]

The power of multimedia during an exhibition

Whatever the exhibition, the aim is to ensure your stand catches the eye more than the stand of your competition. In the current internet era it’s more important than ever for your exhibition stand to provide a physical meeting point for business contacts. Standing out from the crowd can be done in lots of ways […]

Themed offices

Theme office: Hip and happening! The design of themed offices is all the rage these days. Because it has been proven, happy people in your organization perform better, which in turn leads to happy customers. And that’s what we want of course. It is therefore important to set up your working environment in such a […]

Een voorbeeld van duurzaamheid in de standbouw: Urban Mining op de Provada 2019.

Urban Mining is a new way of thinking about how to recycle used materials in new (construction) projects. We have helped New Horizon design their Techmorrow stand – constructed from the most diverse of recycled materials – for the PROVADA real-estate trade fair. This fits in exactly with our own vision of standbuilding and sustainability, […]

Themed offices

Themed offices: both trendy and trending! Nowadays, themed offices are all the rage. Research has shown that happy workers equal happy customers. And if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, isn’t that what we really want? Our view is that the workplace should be designed in such a way that colleagues stay motivated and energised […]

Reading tip!

In the supplement of the Telegraaf today: “At Cialona Expo, experience is central”. Also available in this link:

Introducing … Jan van de Weijer, our new account manager

If we’re to be honest, Jan is not quite so “new”, having already been with us for the last 10 months. Anyway, we thought it was high time we asked Jan to tell us something about his job … First things first: how did you come to join Cialona? I was in charge of organising […]

Attending exhibitions and social media

Life today without social media would be unimaginable. So wouldn’t it be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunities it offers before and during your exhibition presence? Almost everyone nowadays is well aware of the impact that social media has, but what’s the trick to using it effectively? Why not start by following […]

Vecom Groep / Surface Campus 2018 / ’s-Hertogenbosch

Vecom develops, produces and sells chemical cleaning products and can look back on 60 years’ experience in maintenance and cleaning. The briefing for the design of the stand was clear: to show the power of our products by creating a “before” and “after” situation. One half of the stand, the “before” situation, emanates warmth, enhanced […]

Teijin Aramid / Expo Protection 2018 / Paris

For Teijin Aramid’s presence at the Expo Protection fair this year, we developed a new exhibition concept which placed brand perception centre stage. This was underpinned by the new strategic brand strategy with the new slogan: Be sure. Not only did the look-and-feel of the stand aim to convey this simple message, it was essential […]

Rob van Midden, operational manager and our jack-of-all-trades explains …

Some jobs require demand so much versatility that their titles cannot easily be encapsulated in one word. At Cialona we settled on ‘operational manager’. So what does the job entail exactly? We decided to find out what our very own operational manager, Rob van Midden, had to say on the subject. Rob has been working […]

Helpful hint!

Planning to take part in an exhibition any time soon? Of course, there’s a 101 things that need arranging beforehand (check out our exhibition checklist), but surprisingly, one of the most important aspects frequently gets overlooked: the location of your stand in the exhibition hall. Find out exactly who will be visiting the exhibition (you […]

Success for XXL Nutrition at FIBO 2018

XXL Nutrition (the expert in food supplements and sportswear) at FIBO 2018 in Cologne. What a success! There was so much to see, experience and try out on the stand that people were having to queue to get their hands on XXL products. What a privilege for us to have been able to do create […]

How we invented this booth…

Our briefing for the stand at the SEH conference in Papendal couldn’t have been clearer: “Our aim is to present ourselves as innovators in the world of mortgages and to showcase that in the best way possible. What’s more we are a Brabant-based business and want a welcoming stand where people are inclined to linger”. […]

Our geek speaks out: Tim Mooren, designer

What could be better than coming up with original ideas to create beautiful things? It had been a dream of his ever since childhood, so Tim Mooren, designer for Cialona Expo, didn’t have to think twice when he enrolled on a course in product presentation after finishing school. We asked Tim about his passion for […]

We’re just mad about lists!

There’s nothing quite so exciting as making a list … at least, that’s my view! It’s no doubt something to do with age, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a great way of not forgetting things and restoring a bit of order to an otherwise cluttered mind. So, I can imagine if you’re planning […]

Behind the scenes in our production atelier

Stands are produced in-house, so how does that work? Atelier manager Joris explains all the ins-and-outs of production. Kicking off “First of all, I meet to consult with my work planner. I see the technical drawing of the stand design and from the calculations that have been made beforehand, we know what materials we need. […]

15 jaar cooperation Dorel and Cialona!

How we started 15 years ago… and where we are now. At the Kind und Jugend (Köln), we have shown, together with Dorel, what 15 years of investment and cooperation can proceed to. Great new booth, also named by Dorel customers as “Dorel Village”. That makes us very proud! Many thanks to Dorel for 15 […]

Start of the season!

Despite all the activity (yes, unfortunately, holidays are over…) we managed to get all our staff together: with a great barbecue we have started the season. What a great afternoon it was.

Creation Enversed VR Experience Center Eindhoven

Working hard together with Enversed; the realisation of the Enversed VR Experience Center ( 3000 m2 space!) at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. The opening is planned at the 22th of October and will be a part of the Dutch Design Week. Enversed VR Experience Center  is a great location to enter the world of virtual reality. […]

Hello summer!

We wish everyone a great summer! We can be reached from July 25 to August 12 with a limited, but as always enthusiastic occupation!?

New hall concept at our offices in Helmond

This is making us happy; between all the busy stand construction activities, our own Cialona staff has completed a brand new hall concept at our offices in Helmond. Proud!