Our geek speaks out: Tim Mooren, designer

What could be better than coming up with original ideas to create beautiful things? It had been a dream of his ever since childhood, so Tim Mooren, designer for Cialona Expo, didn’t have to think twice when he enrolled on a course in product presentation after finishing school.

We asked Tim about his passion for design and how, as a designer, he manages to encapsulate this in his creations for the world of events and exhibitions.

“It was by chance I ended up doing this, having done a work placement scheme as part of my studies.  What attracted me to the world of standbuilding in particular, were the incredibly short lead-times between project conceptualisation and completion. In other words, ideas have to be quickly turned into something tangible.

Even though I’m tied to a briefing and a budget from the client, I’m allowed a lot of artistic licence. But that’s all part of the challenge: to transform these ideas into a design that both appeals to and meets the aspirations and the expectations of the client. Needless to say, I get an enormous kick in responding to the challenge”.

Tim draws a lot of inspiration from specialist literature, blogs, Linkedin and Pinterest, as well as visits to exhibitions of course. “There’s a limit to the number of images you can take on the internet: being at a trade fair in person means that you can see for yourself how a stand comes to life. We aim to give our clients the complete exhibition strategy, by bringing about a stand experience that fits in with the aspirations and the identity of the client. Central to the whole task is the message”.

Tim keeps a close eye on the latest trends. In his view, people are enthusiastic about innovation and hands-on experience. Take virtual reality on the stand for example, and other interactive elements. Nowadays, clients are less responsive to traditional ways of product presentation, but instead are seeking ways in which to create added value through contact with stand visitors and multimedia presentation. “The experience we aim to create ties in with this approach perfectly,” adds Tim.

“And of course, we’re only satisfied when clients themselves feel happy about the message they are conveying to clients and other business relations. That’s why we’re in the business!”