Creation Enversed VR Experience Center Eindhoven

Working hard together with Enversed; the realisation of the Enversed VR Experience Center ( 3000 m2 space!) at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. The opening is planned at the 22th of October and will be a part of the Dutch Design Week.

Enversed VR Experience Center 

is a great location to enter the world of virtual reality. You can chose from different kind of games, to play in another world together with friends and family. At the moment it is the largest VR center in Europe with nine complete VR spaces inside.

Cialona Expo designed, produced and placed the interior of this experience center. The look is very industrial with natural materials and a tough appearance. The result is great and fits perfectlly in the Strijp-S vibes which is a thriving neighbourhood in Eindhoven. The center of the Brainport Region.

You can check their website to book a timeslot to play some Virtual Reality games with your friends.

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