Introducing … Jan van de Weijer, our new account manager

If we’re to be honest, Jan is not quite so “new”, having already been with us for the last 10 months.
Anyway, we thought it was high time we asked Jan to tell us something about his job …

First things first: how did you come to join Cialona?

I was in charge of organising exhibitions, but wasn’t directly responsible for stand construction. When the opportunity came along to join Cialona, I jumped at the chance. What appeals to me most is the dynamic market and the working environment we operate in and you get to see the fruits of your labours pretty quickly.

So, what does account manager actually involve?

It’s my job to ensure that we find new customers and projects and to hold on to existing ones. One of my biggest tasks is to actively seek out existing and potential customers. When we get a project request, I coordinate the briefing and try to assess what the exhibition goals are. I then brief our designers and put together a quote along with detailed planning schedules. Once the customer has confirmed the order, our project managers get notification of this. I work very much behind the scenes but often show my face when the customer takes delivery of the stand. We share photos of the stand and the customers’ reactions on the Cialona group app. It’s fantastic to see how involved everyone in the company is.

Do you have other burning interests that help you in your job?

Hmm, I really like networking and meeting new people. Because we work with a wide diversity of customers, it’s always a challenge to come up with an original design. I enjoy being at the centre of things, translating customers’ needs and goals into a unique exhibition experience, with customer satisfaction, of course, being the icing on the cake.
Never a dull moment in my job, but that was my intention all along when I joined the company!