Attending exhibitions and social media

Life today without social media would be unimaginable. So wouldn’t it be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunities it offers before and during your exhibition presence?

Almost everyone nowadays is well aware of the impact that social media has, but what’s the trick to using it effectively?

  • Why not start by following the social media feeds of the exhibition you’re planning to attend? This way you stay up-to-date, without missing out on all the latest exhibition news and anything that might be of interest to you and your team.
  • Show sneak previews (for example, a visual) of your exhibition stand, as well as any (new) products. Give potential visitors a reason for stopping by at your stand.
  • During the exhibition, ask an (enthusiastic ?) visitor to your stand for a short video interview about his or her impressions of your exhibition stand. And of course, don’t forget to ask their permission for posting it online.
  • Whilst the exhibition is in progress, post photos of your busy exhibition stand on your social media channels: don’t be afraid to show your face! Photographs say a lot more than just text by itself.