A Techlab for Library Helmond-Peel

Today, the Library is much more than just lending books, they regularly offer activities for different target groups. Cialona Expo has created a TechLab for the Helmond-Peel Library, a space especially for children.

In the TechLab, children can discover the latest media and technology through expeditions with different themes. Think of 3D printing and programming robots.

The Concept

The TechLab attracts the attention of every visitor. It is clearly present on the first floor of the library in Helmond and stands out for its special design. You can see the connection between technique, language and stories. Which fits perfectly in the vision of the library.

The lab is open and transparent in the middle and has an innovative and modern look, so that it is attractive for young people. The space can be arranged flexibly, so the furniture is mobile and there is a green screen that can be rolled up after use.

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