Cialona Supports The Dog Can Do The Laundry Foundation

The “De Hond Kan De Was Doen” Foundation supports team training for humans and assistance dogs.

As you can see, the new posters with Cialona and all the other proud sponsors have been made again, and are hanging in different places in our region.

Certified instructors within the foundation teach people with a physical disability how to train their own dog to become an assistance dog. This is how they create their own tailor-made help! With the aim of increasing independence, both indoors and outdoors. Which is super important for everyone.

The foundation also has a special ‘child buddy’ program for children with disabilities. They also follow a team training, in which the dog not only becomes their buddy, but also picks up their pencil from the floor, brings the remote control or grabs a drink from the fridge, for example.

The service dog offers many social-emotional benefits, but can also do your laundry!