Uniform appearance: the modular exhibition stand of Genexis

Modular exhibition stand by Genexis at European trade shows

Genexis planned to be represented at several trade shows in the coming period and needed appropriate stands that could adapt to different layouts and sizes.

For Genexis, we opted for a modular way of working. This means that the exhibition stand is made up of reusable and flexible elements that recur in each version. These elements can easily be adapted, reused and used in other compositions.

This allows optimal use of the available elements to make maximum impact at every fair they participate in in Europe.

Why a modular exhibition stand?

Consider both a head stand, island stand and a corner stand. We therefore created designs that were both flexible and functional, keeping in mind the brand identity and fixed items that recur every trade show event.

Each type of trade show booth offers different opportunities, approach routes and focal points. But despite the major differences, the similarities are more prevalent. The appearance is uniform throughout and recognizable as the Genexis booth.

A modular exhibition stand thus has the great advantage of being adaptable per participation while maintaining a uniform appearance.

Uniform appearance at every trade show

One of the biggest challenges when creating multiple trade show booths at different trade shows and layouts, is guarding a consistent brand identity.

For Genexis, we ensured that every aspect of the booth design, from color use to material selection, was in line with the client’s brand image. This ensures that trade show visitors, regardless of the trade show, will immediately recognize Genexis.

Unity in diversity

The projects for this client, demonstrate that it is possible to create unity in diversity. By combining a modular approach with a consistent brand presentation, we have created exhibition stands that are not only functional and flexible, but also enhance recognition and impact.

We are proud of our way of working and many possibilities we can offer our clients, depending on their ambitions and goals. The stands within the Genexis project are one of many examples of our dedication to delivering high-quality exhibition concepts. See our portfolio here.

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