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What is modular stand construction?

Modular stand construction is a way of working in which the stand is constructed from various reusable and flexible elements. Here it is decided in advance to participate in several trade shows with certain fixed elements from the main stand. These flexible elements that make up the stand can easily be modified, reused or used in other compositions.

In this way, the customer is flexible with regard to the compositions for each trade fair participation and yet the brand identity is maintained well each time, because the appearance of the stand remains uniform. Various modular components can also be optimized for each trade show, so that the stand is always set up to make the maximum impact on the target group and to achieve specific trade show objectives. After all, no trade show is the same.

Uniform appearance at any trade show

In the dynamic world of trade shows and events, it is essential to stand out and leave a lasting impression with visitors. Modular booth construction offers an innovative and versatile approach to making an impact on your target audience every time.

The exhibition stand approach varies by type of exhibition and industry. For example, an exhibition stand for a business target group requires a different stand composition than an exhibition stand for consumers. But even if your organization includes multiple industries, the focus for each industry is different.

The use of a modular booth ensures the optimal use of the available elements to make an impact at any exhibition in which your organization participates. For example, for Genexis we realized the stand in different compositions; as a corner stand, three sides open stand but also as an island stand.

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Modular stand construction, a worthwhile investment

Modular booth construction offers companies a flexible, cost-effective and more sustainable solution for trade show exhibits.

The ability to adapt the booth time and time again to different sizes, combined with the creative possibilities, makes modular booth construction a worthwhile investment for organizations looking to make an impact at multiple trade shows.

We, as a full service booth building organization regularly use modular booth building. After disassembly, we store your booth with us, making it easy to reuse parts at a later time should this be desired.

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Get in touch with us via +31 492 574 545 or see our projects

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