Island stand

An island stand is a type of exhibition stand that is open on all four sides. It is therefore, so to speak, an ‘island’ on the trade show floor.

A trade fair is the perfect opportunity for you to show your organization to your customers, potential customers and other colleagues. If you choose to participate in a certain exhibition, you will probably have a specific goal in mind. Think, for example, of increasing your brand awareness, recruiting new customers or presenting a new product line.

All these goals require tailor-made exhibition participation. This includes a number of choices that can be followed step by step. To start with making the choice of the exhibition and then the stand location and associated type of stand.

An island stand at the trade fair

With an island stand you can certainly make an impression at a trade fair. This stand type is clearly visible from all angles and offers sufficient space to exhibit things, place displays and give demonstrations. Often the island stands at a trade show, the larger ones in between. This often concerns a market leader or an organization that really wants to show itself as much as possible at the fair. If there are any doubts about the type of exhibition stand, we will be happy to help you make a suitable choice. Moreover, we are specialized in modular exhibition stands, which means that we can realize your exhibition stand in different sizes without losing its recognisability.

Creative in design

Island stands usually require more creativity in design, the standard forms do not apply here. For example, the pantry or storage space cannot be in a corner, as is often the case with other exhibition stands. The strength of an island stand is that it is visible from all angles, and that should not be limited by the stand design. By making a big impact with an island stand, you can set your organization apart from the rest. And leave a lasting impression. It often happens that a large eye-catcher is hung above the exhibition stand, especially above an island stand. This increases visibility. The number of visitors to this type of stand is often large, because it is surrounded by aisles and is therefore accessible from all sides. Because of this advantage, the island stand is very popular with trade fair exhibitors. So be there on time! A selection from our portfolio of island stands:

Van den Ban

Van den Ban Autobanden at The Tire in Cologne. The Tire is the largest international exhibition when it comes to tyres, wheels and rims. For players from the industry, this is the fair to show yourself to all international visitors who come to this fair.

For them it was very important to stand out among all competitors and to have an appealing exhibition stand, which also included a cozy hospitality section. Within their island stand of 190 square meters, we have provided a bar with hospitality area, a place where products are displayed and a number of eye catchers and screens for content.

Island stand with corners

Earlier was mentioned that an island stand has four open sides through which the stand can be reached. This is not always the case. There are always four sides of the stand that can be seen, but there is not always a possibility to enter the stand everywhere. As in the case of Van Den Ban, a closed corner was chosen for storage, among other things. This corner is used in the exhibition stand to place the bar against it, with the storage as a back wall for a screen.

The other sides of the stand are easily accessible, which means that this island stand also exudes a very open and inviting atmosphere.

Product presentations

For Van Den Ban Autobanden the presentation of their products is of course number one. It is important to them that they can show many of their products to the trade fair visitor. And not just on a screen or in a brochure, but in real life. So that you can see and feel the differences.

We have placed the product displays on the edge of the stand, so that visitors who are not on the stand can also see and touch them. This is also a way to get visitors to the stand. If someone shows interest in a product, you can invite them to the stand for a chat and so on.

The island stand of Publisher Zwijsen

The exhibition stand of Uitgeverij Zwijsen at the NOT education fair in 2023 was a stand of no less than 195 square meters. One of the largest stands at this fair.

Zwijsen is a publisher and islands have been created on the basis of their new products and different learning methods to demonstrate and explain a few things. A short demonstration, an interactive powerpoint and talks with a specialist is what is offered at the stand. In this way, visitors learned more about the relevant spearheads.

As can clearly be seen in the photos, a large tree has been placed in the middle of the island stand of Uitgeverij Zwijsen. This tree forms the center of the stand and also ensures recognition for the trade fair visitor.

Interaction at the exhibition stand

Your organization chooses to participate in a trade fair with a specific goal in mind. It can be about promoting a new product or service, brand awareness, acquiring new customers or networking with industry specialists. Whatever your goal, connecting with people is always important here.

In the case of Zwijsen, they seek contact with the trade fair visitor. The education professional who visits the NOT that only takes place once every three years and has had to skip an edition due to corona.

A number of facets have been deployed to attract education professionals to their island position. For example, a large eye-catcher was used: the tree in the middle of the island. But not only that. There is a focus on sufficient stand crew and a mascot, so that contact can be made with each stand visitor to discover their interests. For example, there are many interactive screens at all spearheads, so that people can also get started themselves.

Each stand visitor also received a goodie bag containing, among other things, a new reading booklet. And finally, an item that also works well among many target groups: a photobooth.

Why choose an island stand?

This type of stand is very popular among trade fair participants, and for good reason! The island stand has a lot of advantages, which can ensure a good traffic on the stand, so that you can achieve your exhibition goals. As mentioned earlier, such a stand can be reached from any angle, which makes it very accessible for trade fair visitors to enter your trade fair stand.

Moreover, island stands are often larger exhibition stands of companies that would like to show off at a certain exhibition and impress their target group. Are you looking for an organization that can create a new stand concept for you, in which all wishes are creatively fulfilled? Then we would like to invite you for an introduction, to discuss your next exhibition participation.

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