Quooker at KBB Birmingham

Discover the innovative world of Quooker at their booth during the KBB trade show

The KBB fair in Birmingham last March was the stage for Quooker, where they stole the show with a new, unique and absolutely eye-catching stand. The stand of the boiling water faucet developer from Ridderkerk attracted considerable attention at the KBB and, as a result, they were able to welcome many visitors to the stand.

Quooker at the KBB in Birmingham

Quooker is known as a pioneer in hot water technology. With their revolutionary boiling water faucets, they have transformed the way we use hot water in kitchens.

The company, originally from the Netherlands, has built a reputation for quality, sustainability and innovation. And they like to continue this in further expressions, including at live contact moments such as at major trade shows at home and abroad. One of these fairs is the KBB in Birmingham.

The KBB (Kitchen, bedroom and Bathroom) at NEC Birmingham is a trade fair with a focus on, as the name suggests, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. It is an important platform where manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, designers and other professionals come together to see new developments. For Quooker, it’s an important fair to attend.

A unique experience

Quooker was looking for a stand builder who dared to think big, who could guarantee the same high standard of quality abroad and present a fresh new concept. For them, the trade fair participation at the KBB in Birmingham aimed to showcase Quooker’s development in both innovation and sustainability.

Although Quooker’s products already speak for themselves, it was the complete Quooker experience that stood out, not just the products themselves. 

The booth concept went beyond just showing the collection of faucets and presenting all the functionalities.

Live demonstrations and interactive product experiences

One of the highlights of the booth was the opportunity for visitors to attend live demonstrations and see the innovative Quooker products in action.

But also matching colors between faucets and sinks to a wall with historical Quooker products with timeline, the booth offered visitors a unique experience for all senses. 

Visitors could see and try out how quickly and efficiently the faucets deliver boiling, sparkling and filtered water.
This took the Quooker experience to the next level.

Sustainability in the booth

The company Quooker, like Cialona, pursues sustainability in many facets of the organization. Their products are also sustainable in nature. The faucets use very little energy and you consume exactly the amount of water you need, without wasting a drop. And we love that!

And with this continued focus on sustainability, we made sure that almost all parts of the trade show booth are recyclable, making Quooker sustainable not only in their own products, but also in displays like the trade show booths. These include upcyclable full color canvases and CO2 offsetting per transport. Want to know more about our sustainable initiatives? Get in touch! We would love to tell you more about it.

An upcoming trade show participation?

Professional booth builders, like the team at Cialona Expo, are experienced in turning your vision and trade show goals into an appropriate booth design such as Quooker’s.

With an in-house design department, where designers use innovative techniques, the coolest materials, the right lighting and special items, we know better than anyone what it takes to stand out on the trade show floor.

Ultimately, our experienced booth builders bring the complete concept to life on the trade show floor. So hand over everything, and we’ll make sure your booth is there in all its glory!

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