Corner stand

What is a corner stand?

A corner stand is an exhibition stand that is located on the corner of an aisle. This type of stands has two open sides and two closed sides. It is the perfect mix between an open look and the possibility to make images on the available walls stand out.


It goes without saying that a corner stand is located on a corner of an aisle. For that reason alone, they are often eye-catching stands. There are two sides where the trade fair visitor passes and where you have the opportunity to contact your target group.

This type of stand often catches the eye because, among other things, it is visible to passing trade fair visitors for a longer period of time. This gives you more time to attract the attention of the visitor and to make contact. It is also the ideal type of stand to show visually attractive images large on the two closed sides and at the same time be inviting with the two open sides. A corner stand is a very popular choice among trade fair participants and they often sell out quickly.

Thermoware’s corner stand

Thermoware was present at the K show in Düsseldorf with their stand of over 80 square meters. The K fair is one of the largest fairs in the field of plastics and rubbers. For players in that industry, this is one of the exhibitions where you have to be and want to stand out. It is up to us to design a striking stand for them within the wishes, requirements and budgets.

As is the case with a corner stand, trade fair visitors can enter the stand from two sides. However, this stand of Thermoware is not designed as a standard corner stand, but a playful element has been introduced which makes the design striking. The shape in the middle is blue on the inside with a plant wall and products of the organization are displayed on the side of the element.

By dividing up the stand in this way, different areas have been created where people can sit separately with interested parties. There is a bar with seats and a separate meeting table in the stand. By also placing a large machine of theirs on the stand, the circle is complete. All wishes for the layout of the stand have been fulfilled and everything fits neatly in the space.

The open position of Movacolor

The Movacolor team wanted an open exhibition stand in which a number of their products were presented to the visitors. It was therefore decided to playfully place the various machines in the central space of the corner stand. Stand visitors can easily enter the stand from either side and walk to a machine for more information.

In addition to the machines being easily accessible in their corner position, a bar with a hospitality section has also been created where people can sit down and chat. This also invites passers-by to visit the stand.

Striking stand design

Just like with the Thermoware stand, in which the unusual shape and striking blue color play a major role, this is also the case with the Movacolor exhibition stand. The corner stand of Movacolor has two high walls of almost six meters and these are completely in their red color, which ensures that the exhibition stand stands out in the room.

Choosing a booth type

As a stand builder, we are familiar with all possible stand types and each type has its advantages. If you want to participate in different trade fairs with different stand types and stand sizes, it is important to work with an experienced party such as Cialona Expo.

We have the expertise to design and realize your modular stand. This means that we can build the stand in different sizes and types, whether it is a corner stand, island stand, three sides open stand or row stand.

If you are looking for a way to promote your organization in an effective way, a corner stand at an exhibition relevant to your organization is a powerful option. We are happy to help you with the implementation of this.

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