Types of stands, what types of stands are there?

Choosing a stand type

When it comes to exhibition stands, the options are abundant. From row stands or island stands to corner stands, there’s a diverse range to choose from. Each stand type boasts its own unique features and benefits, tailored to suit various organizational needs and exhibition objectives. To ensure you make an informed decision, it’s crucial to clarify a few key aspects beforehand. Consider the purpose of your exhibition participation, the desired display, available budget, required space, and necessary facilities. These factors converge to guide you in selecting the ideal stand type that aligns with your goals. Let us help you find the perfect match and unlock the full potential of your exhibition presence. Get ready to make a lasting impact at your next event!

Types of booths

Three sides open

This is a type of exhibition stand where three sides are open, adjacent to an aisle and at the head of a row. This is often a fairly prominent location on a trade show floor, where many trade fair visitors pass by.

Island stand

Island stands are often the larger stands at the fair. It is a type of stand where all four sides are open, they literally stand like an island on the exhibition floor.

Row stand

An row stand is a stand between other exhibition stands and is open on one side. This side is adjacent to the aisle. They are often smaller in surface area, but that does not make them less interesting.

Corner stand

The last common option is the corner stand, which is a popular choice. Because it is located on a corner, there are two closed and two open sides and the stand can be approached from several angles.

Save and Reuse

We offer the possibility to store the stand in our warehouse, so that it can be (partially) reused at a later time.

Everything inhouse

We are a full-service organization and take care of the process from A to Z. We have all disciplines in-house and can therefore switch quickly.

Client Portal

You will have access to our Client Portal, where you can check the progress of the project 24/7, approve items and upload/download documents.

3D Design

After the briefing, we work out the project in a 3D design. This way it is clear at a glance what the stand will look like and whether adjustments are needed.

The perfect custom exhibition stand

For startups and smaller organizations, standard modular stands are often the go-to choice for exhibiting. However, if you truly want to make a remarkable impact on the trade show floor, a custom exhibition stand is the ultimate solution.

A custom exhibition stand is tailor-made to your exact specifications and objectives. It allows you to stand out from competitors, create a unique brand experience, and immerse your booth visitors in your organization. By doing so, you can leave a lasting impression on your target audience because, as they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

At Cialona Expo, we are dedicated to helping you create and bring to life the perfect exhibition stand. Whether you opt for an island stand, intermediate stand, or corner stand, we have got you covered. Let us transform your vision into a captivating reality that sets you apart from the crowd. Together, we’ll make your presence at any trade show truly unforgettable.

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