Sustainable canvases: reuse for a greener future

Sustainability is a crucial topic these days, inspiring more and more companies and organizations to make positive changes.

Such is the case at Cialona! In many ways, we try to do our part when it comes to making the organization and therefore the industry more sustainable. In this article, we dive deeper into how our use of sustainable canvases impacts the trade show industry and how reusing and recycling them contributes to a greener future.

Sustainable canvases

We use them in almost every trade show booth, the full color canvases. It is the perfect way to display any organization’s brand message, vibe and brand identity in the booth.

For the printing of these canvases we have an established partner, Big Impact. They too strive to be more sustainable and the canvases are no exception. These are made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials that in turn reduce the impact on the environment.

The reuse of material

The canvases can theoretically be used a number of times before the quality degrades. However, there are organizations that want a different look or message every trade show and the canvases are replaced after one-time use.

To ensure these canvases do not go to waste, Big Impact created the Big Return reuse program. This extends the life of the canvases and reduces waste.

It works like this: after the trade show participation, the canvases are returned to our warehouse and the ones that are no longer used are collected by us and transported back to Big Impact. They inspect each canvas and give it a new life by upcycling or reusing it for other purposes.

By reusing canvases and the recycled materials, we reduce the demand for new materials and thus reduce the impact on the environment.

A greener world of trade shows

At Cialona, we believe in the power of sustainability and also want to help our clients make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on quality and presentation.

Sustainable canvases are just one of the many developments currently taking place in the world of stand building and within our organization. As an international stand builder, we are trying to contribute step by step to a greener exhibition world.

Want to know more about sustainable stand construction?

Every day we are working on making our organization, and therefore the stand construction industry, more sustainable. We believe it is important to advise and support our clients as best we can to participate more sustainably in exhibitions, so that they too can achieve their targets without compromising on marketing communications.

We are at home in sustainable(er) materials, the reuse of fixed booth components and the recycling of production waste. Feel free to contact us, we would love to tell you more about sustainable booth construction!