Sustainable transportation to trade shows

Sustainability is no longer an option but a definite must these days. As an organization, we are doing everything we can to contribute our bit to a greener world. One of these is the use of more sustainable transport by one of our partners Chain Cargo. They take the initiative to use logistics as sustainably as possible and thus regreen the planet.

A sustainable vision

The transport sector has a major impact on the climate and by 2050, CO2 emissions in this sector must be reduced by 90% compared to 1990. Chain Cargo believes in a future where transportation is not only efficient, but also respects the planet and prepares it for future generations.

They aim to significantly reduce the carbon footprint within the transportation industry and, in turn, are working with Justdiggit.

Regreening the planet

Regreening the Planet is one of the most notable sustainable initiatives. This program aims to offset CO2 emissions to the maximum extent possible and restore the balance of our planet. Their goal is to restore trees and plants as a counterbalance to the CO2 emissions caused by transportation activities.


The power of trees

Trees play an important role in combating climate change. They absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it, reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases.

By partnering with Justdiggit, more and more trees are being regenerated that will remove tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in the coming period. The organization has already brought back more than 9 million trees in Africa since their existence and that number continues to grow.

CO2 compensation

Together we prove that transportation and sustainability can go hand in hand. The CO2 emissions from each transport are calculated and then 100% offset. We communicate this data with you so you have visibility into how much CO2 is removed from the air by regenerated trees.

As partners, we are proud to work with Chain Cargo and support their sustainable initiatives. By choosing this sustainable transportation solution, our customers can also contribute back to a greener future and fulfill their social responsibility.

Want to know more about sustainable stand construction?

Every day we are working on making our organization, and therefore the stand construction industry, more sustainable. We believe it is important to advise and support our clients as best we can to participate more sustainably in exhibitions, so that they too can achieve their targets without compromising on marketing communications.

We are at home in more sustainable materials, the reuse of standard booth components and the recycling of production waste. Feel free to contact us, we would love to tell you more about sustainable booth construction!