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Energy tradeshows

Energy fairs are an important meeting place for the exchange of knowledge, innovation and ideas within the energy industry. Over the years, energy fairs have changed a lot and evolved from simple trade shows to large-scale events where professionals from all over the world come together to meet.

By participating in energy fairs, organizations and professionals can position themselves as leaders in the energy transition and play an active role in shaping the future of energy. Indeed, these days these trade shows are much more than just showcases for the latest tech and products, they are meeting places for key industry stakeholders. Standing out at these major trade shows, is key to staying in the industry.

Sustainable stand construction

Sustainable stand construction at energy fairs by Cialona Expo. Are you looking for sustainable stand construction for trade show participation at an energy trade show?

Sustainability takes center stage at energy trade shows, as the industry increasingly focuses on reducing its environmental impact and promoting clean energy sources. By discussing sustainable solutions, these fairs help accelerate the energy transition, which is now a hot topic worldwide. Trade shows with a focus on energy, whether it is wind, solar or another source, these events highlight the latest trends and developments and point the way to a more sustainable future.

Discover all our possibilities in stand construction and standing out on the exhibition floor. With years of experience realizing high-quality booth concepts at home and abroad, we strive to make your brand stand out amidst everything else.


The importance of energy fairs

The energy transition has gained momentum and this will ensure that the importance of global energy fairs will increase. People are working on all sides to ensure that the carbon footprint is reduced and these fairs contribute to the transfer of knowledge.

Fairs you could think of, which tie in with the theme of energy fairs are:

Store & Re-use

We are able store your stand in our warehouse, in order to (partially) reuse it for another event.


Cialona offers a full service. We take care of the process from A to Z and have all the necessary disciplines in-house, so we can act very quickly.

Client Portal

You will get access to our Client Portal, where you can see the progress of the project at your dashboard, approve items and upload/download documents 24/7.

3D Design

For every client, our designteam creates a 3D visual of the stand. This 3D allows you to easily see what it eventually will look like.

Standing out during the trade show

Cialona’s design team makes sure your booth stands out on the trade show floor. Like no other, they can buy into your vision, mission and goals to make the trade show participation a success.

Apart from being a costly and time-consuming marketing tool, a trade show participation is a very valuable one! After all, this is the moment when you are actually in contact with your target group, face to face.

We ensure that your target audience will not walk past your booth. Cialona Expo takes everything off your hands for your booth design and realization.

Experience what Cialona Expo can do for your business and contact us today!

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