Trade fairs 2023

Trade fairs 2023. It is good to know which trade fairs will take place this year, both nationally and internationally.

If your organization is in a specific industry, it is advisable to follow the websites of relevant industry organizations for updates on interesting trade fairs in 2023.

Most trade fairs return regularly. This is often annually or every other year, but can also take place less often. The size of the trade fair and the location of your organization and target group all play a role in the relevance of the trade fair for your organisation.

Trade fairs 2023 calendar

In our exhibition agenda here on the website, you have an overview of many exhibitions that will take place in the coming period.

If there is a fair that you participate in that is not included in this list, it does not mean that we will not build there. Our team is always open to a great new stand construction project!

Determining an interesting trade fair

Determining an interesting trade show for your organization is an important factor, together with the planning, the purpose of participation and your budget. In addition, it is important to work with a professional stand construction company such as Cialona Expo, with a lot of experience in the industry.

We are at home in many exhibition locations and know what it takes to impress your target group during the exhibition. A trade fair is the perfect time to come into live contact with your target group and they should not pass by your exhibition stand. We help you from start to finish. This means that we have our own design team, work planners, our own workshop and, of course, a team of stand builders who will bring your stand to life at the fair.

Are you open to a no-obligation introduction? We are happy to walk you through the trade fairs of 2023 and your plans together! Contact us!