Island stand


An island stand is a type of exhibition stand that is open on all four sides. It is therefore, so to speak, an ‘island’ on the trade show floor. A trade fair is the perfect opportunity for you to show your organization to your customers, potential customers and other colleagues. If you choose to participate […]

Two-story booth


What is a two-story booth? A two-story booth, as the name suggests, is a stand with an additional floor. It is also known as a double-deck booth. It does not always have to be the case that the entire booth is provided with an extra floor, it can also be just a portion of the […]

Corner stand


What is a corner stand? A corner stand is an exhibition stand that is located on the corner of an aisle. This type of stands has two open sides and two closed sides. It is the perfect mix between an open look and the possibility to make images on the available walls stand out.   […]