Two-story booth

What is a two-story booth?

A two-story booth, as the name suggests, is a stand with an additional floor. It is also known as a double-deck booth. It does not always have to be the case that the entire booth is provided with an extra floor, it can also be just a portion of the trade show booth.

The extra floor on the booth increases the VIP feeling among booth visitors. Often the upper part of the booth is where you take certain interested visitors. Usually the floor has a hospitality function, where good relations and interesting prospects come for an explanatory presentation or a sneak peek, for example.

A two-story stand can be an island stand, corner stand, row stand or three sides open stand, it doesn’t matter. It is a type of trade show booth that is not very common, also because it is often a costly investment. On the other hand, the exhibition booth does stand out enormously, both because of its height and because of the curiosity of exhibition visitors to be allowed to “go upstairs.

Nedap’s two-story booth

Nedap made quite an impression at the Euroshop with their double-deck booth. The Euroshop is the largest trade fair for retail worldwide and therefore the place to be for organizations that want to steal the show there. An investment for a unique exhibition stand is therefore in order here.

Visitors to the Euroshop are looking for the latest trends and most talked-about developments in the world of retail and it is important to attract these people to your exhibition stand. Moreover, this fair only takes place once every four years in Düsseldorf, which reduces the time to impress your target group.

So plenty of reasons for Nedap to appear at this trade fair with a very unique, eye-catching, large two-story booth. The extra floor provides a lot more surface area and offers space for presentations and private meetings, without restricting the rest of the stand. Want to know more about booths with additional floors? Let us know, we would love to tell you more.

An extra floor for hospitality 

Advantech’s booth with extra floor at the Medica fair in Dusseldorf. They used the extra floor as the hospitality part of the booth. So they have their core business on the first floor, where they show different products and demos. And upstairs is then the opportunity to sit down for a quiet moment with interested parties.

The Medica is the largest international trade fair for players in the medical sector and takes place every year in Messe Düsseldorf. For many medical organizations, it is an important trade fair because this is where the latest trends and developments in the industry are discussed.


Choosing a type of stand

Our team is experienced in designing and realizing all possible booth types. Each type of trade show booth has its possibilities, advantages and disadvantages. Participating in trade shows with different booth sizes and booth types requires an experienced booth builder full of experience in modular booth construction.

We literally have all the expertise in house to design and realize your stands in a modular way. This means we can incorporate fixed components into your 100 square meter island stand as well as the 60 square meter area corner stand.

If you are looking for a unique way to effectively promote your organization, a two-story booth is a powerful option. We would be happy to tell you all about it! Contact us today.

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