Office dog Nel

Office dog Nel

Office dog Nel has recently joined team Cialona. She can be found at our office every day and now gets along well with all colleagues.

Whether she will get through her probation remains to be seen, but so far we are very happy with her!

The office dog in general

Many studies have shown that office dogs create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Together with a game of frolic, a walk outside and a wagging tail, the four-legged friend is a form of relaxation. And more relaxation in between means less stress. And less stress means happy colleagues again. So a win-win situation.

Office dogs also provide a better working atmosphere. Just laugh because she bumps her nose against a glass door or tumbles over with enthusiasm. Laughing together does more than you think. She is good for mutual interaction and small moments of fresh air while walking. We have therefore given Nel the position of head of atmosphere management for a reason. The working atmosphere is in her paws; ).

So will you be at our office soon to discuss your next project? Nel would like to meet you.