IFES, Cialona Expo is member of IFES

We are a member of IFES and we are very proud of it. Being part of IFES means being part of a global community of industry experts, innovators and knowledge sharers. For us, it is a platform where we can collaborate with competitive colleagues, learn and grow together.

What is IFES?

IFES stands for International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services and is a global organization dedicated to promoting and cooperating in the exhibition and event industry.

All members operate in the same industry and are therefore very valuable. They are active in design, concept creation, production and within services used at exhibitions, fairs and events.

Within IFES people believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences with each other. To take the global exhibition and events industry to a higher level. Together we can innovate, share insights and drive success.

Global reach

The strong global network of approximately 250 national industry associations and corporate members means we can serve our customers around the world.

In addition, the large network gives access to many opportunities and resources to stay ahead of trends in the industry.

As an international platform, it is accessible for members to collaborate on projects and leverage global networking opportunities. As a result, members benefit from the global visibility and access to new markets.

Together with IFES, we are determined to grow in delivering exceptional concepts and experiences for our customers.

IFES’ goal

One of the main goals of IFES is to promote the development and sharing of knowledge within the exhibition and events industry. Members can easily make contact with each other to share knowledge and findings.

They also regularly organize conferences, seminars and training courses, where members have the opportunity to exchange their expertise with each other.

In short, IFES, International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services, is an international organization that brings together professionals in the exhibition and event industry, supporting them in their professional development and facilitating knowledge exchange to promote global business opportunities.