Exhibition Design

Exhibition Design, what should you think about?

Stand construction design. A booth construction design, for a unique trade show booth, is best left to one of Cialona’s experienced booth designers. Cialona Expo is a full service stand builder, which means we take care of everything surrounding your trade show participation. From start to finish, we take on the project, one of the first steps of which, after the briefing, is the design process.

As a professional stand-building organization, we have all the necessary expertise literally under one roof. Including a team of booth designers. They are familiar with all the possibilities, trends and branding surrounding trade show booths. How are you going to stand out in a particular exhibition hall, within that target group, given also the walking route? Our designers take everything into account.

Modular stand design

As an organization, you may want to attend several trade shows a year and not need a completely new booth each time. We understand that. That is also the reason why our stand designers design your stand interior in such a way that it can also be placed in a different setup. At a local fair, for example, you might have a 20-square-meter stand, and at a large international fair you might have an 80-square-meter, modular exhibition stand.

This requires from us a modular booth design. Custom parts, produced especially for your organization, we take with us from trade show to trade show. This way, even regular parties recognize your exhibition stand and therefore your organization. Are you interested in a stand proposal, which you can use for multiple exhibitions? Please contact us, we would like to meet you and think along with you about a suitable interpretation of your next trade fair participation.

Store and Reuse

We offer the possibility to store the stand in our warehouse, so that it can be (partially) reused at a later time.


We are a full-service organization and take care of the process from A to Z. We have all disciplines in-house and can therefore switch quickly.

Client Portal

You will have access to our Client Portal, where you can view the progress of the project 24/7, approve items and upload/download documents.

3D Design

After the briefing, we work out the project in a 3D design. This way it is clear at a glance what the stand will look like and whether adjustments are needed.

Eye catcher in exhibition stand design

A well thought out booth design is of great value to the success of trade show participation. It forms the foundation upon which all aspects of the booth are built and contributes to the effectiveness of the presentation. A good booth design takes into account several important factors, including: conveying the core message, an attractive appearance and an eye catcher.

The eye catcher, as the name suggests, attracts the attention of trade show visitors. To ensure that passersby visit the trade show booth, we help find that activation. Whether it is an eye catcher, a special item in the booth or an interactive tool, the possibilities are endless!

If you look at the exhibition stands in our portfolio, you will see that at every stand there is at least one item that stands out. Is it the color, a special item that stands out or something else that draws attention. There is always something that will ensure that your target group does not pass by your booth.

Thinking about stand design

Of course, our cooperation begins with an introduction, followed by a briefing with all the wishes and requirements regarding the upcoming exhibition. The briefing can be very brief, but can also be more detailed, for example about the interior design. Perhaps you already have a mood board with stands that appeal to you or ideas about the design of the stand to achieve your goals. We are happy to think along with you!

As a booth builder, we focus on the appearance of the booth. But not only that! We also like to think along with you on how to achieve a successful trade show participation. We talk about your goals and target group, after all, you are not at the fair for nothing. You have a goal you want to achieve. Our team will get to work to come up with a fantastic concept that fits your organization and starting points. This way, together we get the best out of your company and the best out of your trade show participation!

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