Aluvision modular stand construction

In the past, most trade show booths consisted of wood, good for one-time use. At the end of the trade show, the entire booth was then discarded. Fortunately, this polluting cycle is no longer an issue for many organizations and more and more are opting for sustainable(er) trade show participation.

Stand construction with modular components is also a hot topic for this reason and we work with partner companies that support us in this way of working, such as Aluvision.

The system from Aluvision

Aluvision stands for innovation, they are constantly developing sustainable new technologies and concepts to take booth building systems to the next level.

Their modular aluminum construction system offers unprecedented possibilities and, among other things, makes it possible to create customized exhibition stands that stand out from the crowd. For us, this is the main reason why we have been partners with Aluvision for many years and apply their system on a daily basis in exhibition stands.

Sustainability and modularity go hand in hand

The modular nature of the systems means that the components can be reused more often in different setups. As you can imagine, this greatly reduces the amount of stand waste. And less waste, is better for the environment.

Another added benefit of using this system, is that it saves both time and costs. The lightweight parts are easy to use by booth builders, which ensures that they can work more efficiently. As well as their design colleagues, who design a booth with a certain branding and fixed components, but which can be realized in different setups thanks to the modular nature of the frames.

Foto eigendom van Aluvision

Aluminum frames

Aluminum is the most common metal on earth, in addition to being strong and also very light. It has a long life cycle and is completely recyclable.

At Aluvision, they say that at least 75% of their frames are produced from recycled aluminum, which requires only 5% of the energy compared to primary aluminum.

In addition, aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, which guarantees the frames. All of this combined makes it a tremendously sustainable way to build booths.

Sustainable trade fair participation by Cialona Expo

For sustainable trade fair participation, you’ve come to the right place. An exhibition is often not completely sustainable, but every little helps and we do our best to contribute to this.

As an organization, we are working on sustainability in many ways, but also in our projects. For example, we invest in partnerships with suppliers who think the same way. This ensures that, in addition to Aluvision’s modular construction system, the CO2 from our transports is 100% compensated and the full-color cloths are upcycled into new products.

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