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Ahoy Rotterdam Stand Building

Ahoy Rotterdam. The exhibition venue, located in the bustling heart of the Dutch port city is not just any old one. It is a central place of meeting, entertainment and knowledge exchange. This multifunctional complex, surrounded by the dynamic city of Rotterdam, offers a wide range of international events, congresses and fairs. When we talk about the exhibitions in Ahoy Rotterdam, you can think of the Europort, the Infratech and the Stocexpo, for example.

Cialona Expo offers you a full service when it comes to your trade fair participation and complete stand construction. Our creative team translates your wishes, ideas and goals into a design for an exhibition stand that seamlessly matches your preferences. Once you are satisfied with our proposal, the project manager takes over and our production team converts the design into a booth. In doing so, they use the best materials that will make your stand, in every respect, complete. For stand construction in Ahoy Rotterdam, Cialona Expo offers you a total solution.

Full service stand construction

As mentioned, we provide all our customers with a full service on the way to the exhibition participation in, in this case Ahoy Rotterdam. We go for utmost creativity and service. We have all the disciplines in-house, so from the first contact to the dismantling of the stand and any storage, you only have to deal with Cialona Expo.

We take everything off your hands and provide you with the perfect experience. The appearance of your stand is of great importance. We find it important to create the perfect business card for you, making your stand the talk of the day. After all, your business card, is also ours.

To reach as many visitors as possible, you need a perfect exhibition stand that allows you to stand out from the competition. In short, at Cialona Expo we are happy to help you think about the best way to set up your exhibition stand.

Store & Re-use

We are able store your stand in our warehouse, in order to (partially) reuse it for another event.


Cialona offers a full service. We take care of the process from A to Z and have all the necessary disciplines in-house, so we can act very quickly.

Client Portal

You will get access to our Client Portal, where you can see the progress of the project at your dashboard, approve items and upload/download documents 24/7.

3D Design

For every client, our designteam creates a 3D visual of the stand. This 3D allows you to easily see what it eventually will look like.

A team with experience

Our team of experienced stand builders regularly provides stand construction in Ahoy Rotterdam. Therefore we are familiar with the possibilities and limitations of the event location in Rotterdam. Our years of experience and good contacts mean that we can respond quickly.

Stands designed and built by Cialona Expo prove their worth quickly and are regularly reused. We can safely store your stand and keep it available on demand for later rebuilding elsewhere. This allows you to get the maximum return from your stand! Would you like to contact us? We would be happy to tell you more about it.


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