Cialona EDPA member

Cialona is a proud member of the EDPA, or “The Experiential Designers and Producers Association,” a globally recognized organization with a membership spanning thousands of professionals across over 18 countries. It serves as a premier network for leaders within the customer experience industry.

The primary mission of the EDPA is to advocate for the interests of professionals engaged in the design, production, and delivery of services related to exhibitions, events, and experiential environments.

Customer experience industry

As mentioned earlier, the EDPA serves as the network for leaders in the customer experience industry. But what exactly does that entail? This industry extends far beyond trade shows and experience centers.

It revolves around facilitating face-to-face customer interactions and crafting experiential environments for various settings, including trade shows, events, businesses, museums, retailers, education, and entertainment.

As an industry association, the EDPA plays a pivotal role in uniting designers, manufacturers, booth builders, event organizers, and other professionals dedicated to the development of memorable face-to-face experiences.


Networking Platform

The EDPA offers comprehensive support to all its members through education, training, and a platform for networking and collaborations. Membership provides professionals in the customer experience industry with access to valuable resources and insights. Additionally, the annual EDPA Access Congress serves as a forum for in-depth discussions on the latest developments, trends, and innovations in the industry.

As a proud member of the EDPA, Cialona consistently participates in the Access Congress, ensuring our continuous connection with the association and its members. The Congress also offers a unique opportunity for professionals to meet face-to-face once a year, facilitating the exchange of experiences, networking, and staying informed about global developments.

What does EDPA mean for our clients?

As EDPA members, we not only gain access to cutting-edge experiential design and production insights but also avail ourselves of educational opportunities, robust networking, and annual events like the EDPA Access Congress. This platform facilitates discussions on the latest trends and innovations, allowing us to share experiences with leading professionals globally.

For our clients, this translates to our team consistently staying informed about the latest developments in the customer experience industry, particularly specializing in the realms of trade shows and experience centers.

Moreover, our expansive network of partners and suppliers empowers us to deliver high-quality services promptly and efficiently on a global scale.