Rob van Midden, operational manager and our jack-of-all-trades explains …

Some jobs require demand so much versatility that their titles cannot easily be encapsulated in one word. At Cialona we settled on ‘operational manager’. So what does the job entail exactly? We decided to find out what our very own operational manager, Rob van Midden, had to say on the subject. Rob has been working […]

Our geek speaks out: Tim Mooren, designer

What could be better than coming up with original ideas to create beautiful things? It had been a dream of his ever since childhood, so Tim Mooren, designer for Cialona Expo, didn’t have to think twice when he enrolled on a course in product presentation after finishing school. We asked Tim about his passion for […]

We’re just mad about lists!

There’s nothing quite so exciting as making a list … at least, that’s my view! It’s no doubt something to do with age, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a great way of not forgetting things and restoring a bit of order to an otherwise cluttered mind. So, I can imagine if you’re planning […]

Behind the scenes in our production atelier

Stands are produced in-house, so how does that work? Atelier manager Joris explains all the ins-and-outs of production. Kicking off “First of all, I meet to consult with my work planner. I see the technical drawing of the stand design and from the calculations that have been made beforehand, we know what materials we need. […]