JBM Group exhibition stand at Busworld 2023

JBM Group has presented two of its latest e-buses during Busworld 2023 in Brussels Expo. This marks the Indian bus manufacturer’s entry into Europe with its e-mobility solutions.

Nishant Arya, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of JBM Group, emphasizes the company’s ambitious goal: “It is our mission to decarbonize urban and inter-city transportation worldwide and set new sustainable standards.”

To contribute to this mission, JBM had a big presence at Busworld 2023. And their exhibition participation at the Busworld in Brussels what a great success, thanks in part to the efforts of the team at Cialona Expo. 

We were responsible for realizing the entire exhibition stand for the Indian bus manufacturer. But that was not all; we also coordinated the presence of the hostesses, took care of the catering, organized an exclusive gala dinner, launched the buses in grand fashion and documented all these moments.

This successful collaboration contributed to JBM Group’s impressive introduction to Europe.

Launching e-buses during Busworld Brussels

During the fair, JBM Auto’s two new e-buses were unveiled at their exhibition booth. They were the battery-electric city bus “Ecolife” and the luxury intercity bus “Galaxy,” both equipped with advanced features such as an intelligent transport system.

Designed to meet the demands of the global market, these zero-emission vehicles clearly demonstrate JBM’s commitment to green, safe and comfortable mobility solutions around the world.

The unveiling of these two buses marked the festive kickoff of their participation in the show.

Sustainable exhibition participation

As one of the leaders in the field of more sustainable public transportation, it was essential for JBM that the exhibition stand at Busworld 2023 be in line with their sustainability goals. Thus, greener materials were used extensively and a large part of the exhibition stand consists of Aluvision walls, a modular and reusable system.

All the walls with visuals are printed on recycled material, which after the exhibition ends are offered back to our supplier to be upcycled. This gives the visuals a new life as another product.

In addition, for the trade fair participation in Busworld in Brussels, we used a logistics partner who ensures 100% CO2 compensation for each transport. Due to these sustainable choices and materials, JBM group contributes to a greener future.

The eye catchers

JBM’s booth was impossible to miss thanks to the many eye-catching elements such as the round LED banner, LED wall and bus scanners. Eye-catchers such as the round LED banner above the exhibition stand ensure that the attention of the exhibition visitor is drawn to JBM’s stand.

And to then hold that attention, in addition to enthusiastic hostesses and employees of JBM, there are interactive scanners to provide booth visitors with all the necessary information.

You can see more pictures of the JBM Group booth and all the audiovisual items in our portfolio.

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