Exhibition stand furnishings

The furnishing of a exhibition stand

As a full service booth builder, we are involved in exhibition participation from start to finish. This, of course, includes the design of the exhibition booth. The design is part of the design phase at the beginning of our collaboration. This is where our team of designers get to work on the project and together we start looking at how we are going to make it a success.

After discussing the goals, wishes and available facilities, a design is created for your trade show participation. Within this design, everything from walking routes to marketing expressions will be considered. We are specialists in designing and organizing that exhibition stand space and to make it as attractive and effective as possible for the target audience.

A well thought-out design of the exhibition stand attracts the attention of your target group and conveys the brand message well.

Store and Reuse

We offer the possibility to store the stand in our warehouse, so that it can be (partially) reused at a later time.

Everything In-house

We are a full-service organization and take care of the process from A to Z. We have all disciplines in-house and can therefore switch quickly.

Client Portal

You will have access to our Client Portal, where you can view the progress of the project 24/7, approve items and upload/download documents.

3D Design

After the briefing, we work out the project in a 3D design. This way it is clear at a glance what the exhibition stand will look like and whether adjustments are needed.

More than just the layout

The design of an exhibition booth is more than just the arrangement of a number of elements. All parts of the trade show booth should merge into one brand message and atmosphere, in order to facilitate interaction with potential customers and increase the success of trade show participation.

In this regard, a number of topics are fixed with us. For example, consider branding. Showing the brand identity is crucial in the exhibition stand, people should be able to recognize your organization from afar in the exhibition hall. Therefore, this is one of the first steps we go through. Next, the layout is very important and where necessary we create a spot plan to represent the flow of visitors and name different areas. This is followed by hospitality furniture, product displays or similar items and tech elements.

An effective trade show booth design

An effective exhibition stand design is customization and that is exactly what we at Cialona are good at. Creating a stand for a specific customer at a specific trade fair is where our strength lies.

Of course, our collaboration begins with an introductory meeting, followed by a briefing with all the wishes and requirements for the upcoming trade fair. The briefing can be very brief, but can also be more detailed, for example about the interior design. Perhaps you already have a mood board with stands that appeal to you or ideas about the design of the stand to achieve your goals. We are happy to think along with you!

By paying attention to every detail of the exhibition stand, our clients can perform to the maximum during the exhibition and achieve their goals.

Collaborations to be proud of