Cialona Expo Stand building company

Cialona Expo Stand building company

Cialona Expo stand construction company is located in Helmond, North Brabant and we have more than 50 years of experience in the field of stand construction. We excel in design, assembly, disassembly and storage of your exhibition stand. This is because we do everything with our own people, we literally have all the necessary expertise for this in-house. We are a so-called one-stop-shop, and arrange everything related to your exhibition stand from start to finish.

Through a clear briefing and 3D Design of your stand, we ensure that the stand meets all wishes and requirements. That unique stand that will stand out during the fair, it’s coming! Whether it concerns an island stand, corner stand, storey stand or intermediate stand, we design and realize a stand that suits your organization. But also with your goals, target group, budget and house style. We are happy to get started for you!

Follow the progress of the project 24/7

Cialona Expo stand construction company likes to think along with you about everything related to your exhibition stand and we are only satisfied when you are too. And with us, the lines of communication are short, which makes that possible. We literally have all the necessary disciplines in-house, which makes consultation and communication short and fast.

We are happy to extend this form of communication to the cooperation between us and our customers. We go for that transparent cooperation. This is why, after approval of the quote, you will receive a login code for a personalized dashboard in our Cialona Client Portal. You can follow the progress of your stand construction project 24/7.

Store and Reuse

We offer the possibility to store the stand in our warehouse, so that it can be (partially) reused at a later time.


We are a full-service organization and take care of the process from A to Z. We have all disciplines in-house and can therefore switch quickly.

Client Portal

You will have access to our Client Portal, where you can view the progress of the project 24/7, approve items and upload/download documents.

3D Design

After the briefing, we work out the project in a 3D design. This way it is clear at a glance what the stand will look like and whether adjustments are needed.

Stand construction Cialona Expo Portfolio

Custom stand construction at various trade shows

Following the briefing, with all wishes, requirements, goals and target group, we move on to the design phase. Custom stand construction is what we specialize in. Every exhibition participation is another chance to impress your potential customers.

Cialona Expo stand construction company therefore strives to surprise every exhibition participation in stand design. For each design we look at the modularity of the components that are incorporated in the design. If you participate in a number of trade fairs per year, where you want to be with the same image, but do weigh up the size, we will take modularity into account. This so that you also make an impact with a custom stand of twenty square meters at a local fair, just like with eighty square meters at an international fair.

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